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Fine Art has become a trendy word that many wedding photographers use to describe their style. But what exactly is fine art photography?


By definition, Fine Art is the highest art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty, which allow the full expression of the artist's vision. 


In photography it stands in contrast to photojournalism and commercial photography. Photojournalism visually communicates stories and ideas. 


Fine Art Photographer captures images that are intended to be appreciated as visual art, with a specific narrative in mind and careful attention paid to lighting, background, and composition.


Fine Art Wedding Film Photographer

Mickael Mahabot is a destination and fine art wedding photographer, based in La Reunion, specializes in shooting medium format film with an editorial style. Fascinated by light, color and moment his work is outlined as sweet, bright and elegant.


Mickael loves the authenticity and uniqueness that film brings to his pictures and also because it offers more artistic control. He approach photography with romanticism and applies fine art to the living, breathing and fast-moving event that is a wedding. For him it is all about making something beautiful.


Mickael describes his work as natural, elegant, timeless and he loves to travel worldwide to capture genuine emotion between a couple and those they love.

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